Testimonials from customers who played Jerky Johnny®:

“It is really awesome, unique, and very necessary for girls in that age group.” Jan Dombrower, MFT Child and Family Therapist

"As a father of three daughters, I really appreciate the
important work you do for young women."
Chief Mike McQuiston, Albany Police Department

I’m a mom of 3 girls ages 11, 13 & 16 & they all learned something from this game. In a time where bullies and college “date” culture are a part of our mainstream media, I am glad somebody thought of a fun way to address these issues and teach safety to our girls.” Kim Sanchez (mom of 3 girls)

“This game is really, really important for girls.” Dr. Lawrence Feinstein, Psychologist, CEO Casekeepers Inc.

“Jerky Johnny is important for every girl to have.”
Dr. Richard Horowitz, Psychologist

“I bought this to help with middle-school. I was impressed. It’s more than a game, it’s really a useful tool to start a dialogue between moms & girls. Even if your daughter learns 1 thing it’s worth it.” Laura (mom of 2)

“My girls actually want to play the game as they are too embarrassed to ask me about these topics.“ Lynn Trest (Mom of 2 girls)

“(Jerky Johnny) is designed to empower young women, build their self-confidence, and give them some basic self-defense tools. Girls are given various options to situations that may become dangerous in a manner that is not designed to frighten them.” Peggy McQuaid, Albany Police Activities League financial Officer

“We have a good time & laugh-- a lot!” Kendall (age 11)

“I think every woman should know these skills, & have the opportunity to play Jerky Johnny. It’s super helpful!” T.J. (age 18)

Jerky Johnny got me to open up & tell about stuff that has happened.” Mel (age 14)

“I liked that it was very interactive & focused on things we had questions about.
Jerky Johnny was so FUN!” Maddie (age 18)

“I will never forget the Danger Signs.” Elyssa (age 13)

“Helpful for dads too! This game helped me find a way to talk to my daughter about whats going on in her day. We kept it light-- laughed & had fun acting out the scenes. The Jerky Johnny game brought my daughter and I closer together. I’m glad I bought it! Mark (dad of teen girl)

“I have learned how to speak up, & have already begun to speak up when something is not okay.” Nina (age 11)

“I learned we should be independent & don’t give into peer-pressure.”
Jennifer (age 11)

Jerky Johnny makes you feel as if you were really in that situation; it’s real stories.” Lauren (age 14)

“I liked role-playing!” Carlie (age 10)

Jerky Johnny taught me to look at things more differently-- as to my safety.” Tracy (age 12)

“I liked learning the ways to tell if someone is up to no good.”
Emma (age 13)

“Jerky Johnny made me realize you shouldn’t feel sorry if you tell someone to stop.” Julia P. (age 12)

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