Sample Jerky Johnny® game cards:


Jerky Johnny can be played two ways:
1. Play as a Role-play with a friend. Both players act out the scene & learn assertiveness skills.
2. Try & guess the Danger Sign(s) in the situation. Danger Signs teach girls to recognize common traits of a dangerous or controlling person.

See how the game is played:

head Sample Jerky Johnny Card:
Your boyfriend always takes you to places he wants to go. Even for your birthday he took you to a concert, but it was his favorite band-- not yours. His behavior upsets you & you want to tell him.

Role-play the scene.
You may say:
“I don’t feel respected in this relationship. I need you to show an interest in the things I want to do too.” (Someone who doesn’t take an interest in the things you like to do is telling you that they don’t care about you. You want to be with someone who treasures you, & appreciates your interests as well.) Danger Sign: Controlling

head Sample Jerky Johnny Card:
You are at a high school party when a guy walks over that you don’t
know & hands you a drink in a cup. You didn’t ask for a drink, & are
not even sure what’s in it. He senses your hesitation & says: “Its what
we’re all drinking here. Go ahead, try it!”

Role-play the scene.
You may say: “No thanks!” And walk away. (Accepting a drink from someone you don’t know could be dangerous. It’s best to excuse yourself, & open & pour yourself a new drink.) Danger Sign: Tag Teaming

head Sample Jerky Johnny (Teen) Card:
John invites you to a concert. Afterwards he drives you home & tries to put his hands all over you. You tell him to stop, but he says, “How can you say that to me! I just spent all this money on you! You owe me!”

Role-play the scene.
You may say: “I didn’t ask you to spend all your money on me and just because you did doesn’t mean I owe you anything.” Be wary of someone who puts expectations on you. Even if they spend money on you, you are not obligated to them at all. Danger Sign: Controlling or Ignoring No

janeredlips 9.56.05 PM Sample Jerky Jane Card:
A guy at school surprised your sister with an expensive heart necklace for her birthday. She feels uncomfortable that he gave it to her because they are only friends. She says every day he comes over to see if she’s wearing the necklace & if not, he makes her feel guilty about it. You want to help her.

Role-play the scene.
You may say:
“He is using this gift to control you. You need to tell him that you can’t accept it & give it back to him.” You should be wary of someone that you don’t know well that gives you expensive gifts. They usually expect something in return. Danger Signs: Controlling or Instant Head Over Heels

janeredlips 9.56.05 PM Sample Jerky Jane Card:
You are starting to pull away from your friends. They are really into
fashion & make-up, & tease you because you like sports. They say:
“We don’t want to hang out with you anymore. You’re not cool. You
have to choose-- its either us or basketball.”

Role-play the scene.
You may say:
“I feel like doing sports right now. If you can’t accept me for who I am, than I guess we’re not really friends.” (Find a group with similar interests as you.) Danger Sign: Threats

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