Our Mission: “Teach girls they have a voice & a choice.

90% sexual assaults occur to girls & women1

1 in 3 teen girls are in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship2

The Jerky Johnny® game was created by a mom and professional Self-Defense Instructor to teach girls to trust their intuition and learn important Safety Skills for peers and early relationships.

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The game is endorsed by the PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING and THERAPY PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION (PCTPA), and used by moms, psychologists, teachers, & doctors nationwide as an educational tool to teach thousands of young women.

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Dating violence is very common among teens because they are inexperienced with relationships and have “romantic” views of love. Although sexual v
iolence or abuse can occur at any age, or to any gender, studies show that girls ages 13-18 are at the highest risk.3

Jerky Johnny teaches girls to recognize signs of predators, and that they have a
“voice & a choice” in setting healthy boundaries. Research shows it is imperative to teach girls these skills during the middle school years, before they enter dating relationships.

Girls may play Jerky Johnny
on their own, or parents and daughters may play together to start a dialogue. The game is appropriate for girls ages 12 & up. Adult discretion is advised for younger girls. Some cards offer dating and relationship scenarios for teens.

Jerky Johnny®- a game that can save your life.

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Jerky Johnny is meant to be a fun learning tool to offer suggestions for handling peer & early relationships. It is not a replacement for seeking professional help with life threatening situations. Some material may be inappropriate for younger girls. Date rape prevention tool. Any action or suit against Jerky Johnny must be filed under laws of state of CA & in county of Alameda.

‘Danger Signs’ are Copyrighted to the Jerky Johnny game. Also influential in the development of this game are: Warning Signs You’re Dating a Loser, by Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D., Psychologist & Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.
1 Source: NSVRC
2 Source: National Crime Prevention Council & One Billion Rising.
3 Source: teendvmonth.org